In my project Voyage around our rooms, I got inspired by my abnormal and surrealist dreams during the corona pandemic. Every room is like a vivid landscape imagined by the mind. Each room in the house where I am staying during the coronavirus outbreak is a different world. The topic of being a woman and what is home for women unite the rooms into a whole. Playing with the contrast of societies, mainstream opinions, objectification, examples in the animal kingdom, and ancient stories, I made fantasy-like photographs that tell stories with hidden symbolism in the details. Later on, I place those pictures in a 3D environment and tell a narrated story of each room.

Women are seen as these innocent creatures who are supposed to give a man pleasure – be a sex goddess in the bedroom, cook 3 meals a day in the kitchen and be a polite and obedient lady at the dining table. But what happens if that picture is broken and they show their true nature, their fears, and desires?