Performance / Karaoke

"Haiku for My Lawyer / Susanne" is a pseudo-love song remake made into a karaoke performance. It's a playful reference to the original song "Susanna" by Adriano Celentano, a legendary Italian singer. As a non-European Union citizen living in the Netherlands and as an artist, I felt compelled to adapt Adriano's lyrics into a platonic pseudo-love song for my immigration lawyer, Susanne. Truth be told, I think about her often. We exchange emails nearly every week, and my future rests in her capable hands. Forget "Motomami" – to me, Susanne is my "Visamami."

During this 10-minute performance, I sing a karaoke version of the song, inviting the audience to join me with a screen and microphone setup.

In reality, I've never met Susanne in person. I'm just another client, a mere figure in the system, one among many patiently waiting to regain legal status. This brief yet impactful piece serves as a critique of my vulnerable situation, one shared by numerous non-European Union artists navigating the complex process of obtaining an artist visa in the Netherlands. To cope with the uncertainty I faced, I poured my emotions into this piece. In the words of William Pope. L, "Longing is my favorite material…"

Photography: Helena Roig
Karaoke video by: Carmen Roca Igual

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