Performance / Scenography

Going to Canada is a performance triptych. It consists of 3 parts that are connected with the same topic. The first performance was inspired by a Serbian rap song called 'You are going to Canada' by THCF. Going to Canada is a coded message used by the Serbian mafia, originating from the 'Zemunski klan' mafia organization. If somebody tells you that you are going to Canada it means that you will get killed. Here we get a deeper meaning of Canada and migration to it, as Canada is in the mainstream Balkan culture and seen as a promised land to work and live. Canada in this sense can also mean 'heaven' as to Orthodox religion which is the most common religion in the Balkans, after death, we go to heaven.

Going to Canada 1

For the first performance, happening at The Performance Bar in Rotterdam, I recited the lyrics of the rap song ‘Ideš za Kanadu’ (eng. Going to Canada) that I printed over a vintage book for church songs. I put myself in the position of a mourning mother who is speculating about the loss of her children due to migration and/or death.